Welcome to the Help page. On this page you will find answers to a number of questions related to ordering and activating licenses. If you want to read more about a product, select the corresponding page and page and click on the link 'More info'. This brings you to a product page with detailed information about that specific product.

This short video shows how to order and to activate licenses using this webshop:

  1. A license for the SportsWatch Delay is added to the basket
  2. At 0:26 a license for the SwimWatch Race Analyzer is added to the basket
  3. At 0:46 an existing account is used for the order
  4. At 1:16 the order is confirmed and the amount that is due is paid
  5. At 1:36 the license for the Delay is activated using the automatic method
  6. At 2:43 the license for the Race Analyzer is activated using the manual method

The ordering process starts with placing one or more licenses in the shopping cart. Not all products are available yet, on the homepage available products can be recognized by the frames with a white background color. Most products are available in several variants, for example 'Lite', 'Standard' and 'Pro'. If you want to read more about a product, select the corresponding page and page and click on the link 'More info'. This brings you to a product page with detailed information about that specific product.

The entire ordering process consists of the following steps:

  1. Basket
  2. Account
  3. Customer data
  4. Summary
  5. Payment
  6. Activation

  1. Basket: place one or more licenses in the shopping basket
  2. Account: the step in which you can indicate whether you want to use an account or not (see next section)
  3. Customer data: the step in which you can enter personal data
  4. Summary: the overview of all data to confirm the order
  5. Payment: the payment of the order, this can be done with iDeal or credit card
  6. Activation: activating the license (s), this can also be done at a later time

The order is saved when the Summary is confirmed. It is possible to do the payment and activation at a later time. But obviously, you will need an account to get in the system and finish an order that was started on a previous date (see next section).

In the second step of the ordering process, the option is offered to create an account or not. Creating an account is not a requirement, but it does offer some important benefits. First, it is possible to order today and do the payment and/or activation at a later date.

Second, it is possible to view an overview of licenses at a later time and to renew them if necessary. Third, deactivation and reactivation is only possible with an account (the other limitation is that it is only possible with one-time licenses, not with subscriptions). This makes it possible to continue using the software after switching to another computer. See the section 'Deactivating licenses' for more information on this.

For all available products it is possible to purchase a license via a one-time payment (permanent license). This gives the right to use the software indefinitely, and to update to new versions as long as the first digit of the version remains the same (4.0, 4.1, 4.2 etc.).

For a number of products it is also possible to take out a subscription, where you can opt for a number of months. Important: subscriptions are not automatically renewed. If you want to continue to use the product after the period has expired, you will have to order a new period (or you could choose a permanernt license).

It is possible to upgrade and downgrade from variants (such as Lite, Standard and Pro) and also to switch from a subscription to a one-time license (switching from one-time to a subscription would not be logical). These are so-called 'upgrades' (which is different from 'updates'). At the moment the 'upgrade' options are not available yet, but in the future it will be possible to perform these actions from the page that shows the overview of all licenses (the same page where activation and deactivation starts). If the upgrade option is not available, you can request an upgrade via email to sales@natrisoft.nl.

If a product is not yet finished, the product has the 'Beta' status. If you purchase a licenses while the status is Beta, you are actually purchasing a license for the final version (4beta includes all 4.x updates). But because beta versions do not yet have full functionality, a discount will be given if a license is purchased and paid during the period that the complete version is not yet available. The discount is automatically calculated and visible when the contents of the basket are displayed. Of course you do not have to pay an additional amount when the final product is released, even if the price of the final product should be higher than is was at the time of your purchase.

If you already have a license of a certain product from an earlier (older) version, you are entitled to an upgrade discount. This cannot always be automatically granted, especially if this license is obtained before January 2021 (when this system went 'live'). If you think you are entitled to an upgrade discount, please contact us by email and mention the invoice date and invoice number of the previous order.

For almost all products it is possible to try them out free of charge. So in most cases you can easily assess whether the product meets your needs before you buy a license. If you have purchased a license and would like to terminate it, please send an email to sales@natrisoft.nl. The same applies to refunds. If you think you are entitled to a refund, please contact us by email. You will receive more information as soon as possible.

Payments can be made with iDeal or credit card. The iDeal system is the primary system in The Netherlands, but that service might not be available to you if you live elsewhere. Below you will find an overview of the banks that are affiliated with iDeal.

Mollie Test-10
Pay.nl Test-10

iDEAL (NL only)
Credit card

Credit cards

 American Express
 Maestro (NL only)

Issuers (banks) that are offered through the IDEAL method

 ASN Bank
 SNS Bank
 Van Lanschot

It is not possible to pay for licenses in installments. To give you the opportunity to use the software at a lower cost, subscriptions are offered on most products. For these products it is possible to get a liocense that is valid for a certain number of months. Obviously, this reduces the costs in the short term, but the one-off licenses are cheaper in the longer term.

Accounts can only be made when placing an order. If you have completed an order using an account, you can use the account data to login at a later time. Click on the label 'Login' and you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your credentials.
After login, the Login label will show your username. When you click on that label, three options appear. The first option allows you to change your password or email. The second offers you the chance to edit your personal data (which will be the basis for future orders). Clicking the third option will log you out.
On the left of your username, you see an icon of a shopping basket. Clicking on that icon will show the current contents of your shopping basket (a possible new order). To see information of past orders, click on the box icon on the right side of your name. Three options appear. The first is a page that shows orders that are waiting for payment (if you have any). The second shows past orders that are completed. The third option will show a page liosting the licenses you obtained in past orders. This page will give you the opportunity to activate or deactivate licenses.

The Licenses page will show an overview of aquired licenses. When an order is completed, the licenses that are aquired are inactive. That means they still need to be activated before use. This can be done immediately after placing the order, but also at a later time. Below is an example of how such an overview could look like. The first license in the table has already been activated, the second has not yet been activated. In the next sections you can find more information about activating and deactivating licenses.

OrderID Product & license Codes Dates Status Action
14 SwimWatch Race analyzer 4
Standard, Perpetual (one-time)
Marcel de Natris
Active Deactivate
15 SportsWatch Delay 4
Standard, Perpetual (one-time)
    Inactive Activate

As already written above, licenses are not automatically activated after purchase. Licenses are linked to specific hardware and it could be that someone buys licenses first and hardware later. Another reason for wanting to activate licenses on a specifc date could be that licenses are bought for a specific event on a certain date in the future, or for a new season that starts in a few months. There are two options for activation: manual activation and automatic activation. From 2021 onwards, both processes can take place completely online (until 2020 this was done by exchanging codes by email).

The license table (see example in prevous section) shows a link with the text 'Activate' for each license that can be activated. Clicking on such a link will start the activation. This process consists of a number of steps, in the first step you have to enter a usercode and choose between two activation methods. The automatic activation is the simplest method, but it is only available from version '4beta2' (not for version '4beta1' and earlier versions). The manual method is available for version '4beta1', but is mainly intended for activating software on computers that do not have an internet connection. Both methods are described in more detail in the next section.

There are two options for activation: manual activation and automatic activation.

Automatic activation

  1. Enter Usercode and select automatic activation in the first form and confirm
  2. Enter the Usercode in the startup screen of your software and start synchronisation
  3. Both the startup screen and the browser should confirm activation in a few seconds

The video at the top of the page shows the webshop procedure, but also the automatic and the manual activation.

Manual activation

  1. Enter Usercode and select manual activation in the first form and confirm
  2. Read the Hardwarecode in the startup screen of your software, enter that code in the second form and confirm
  3. The page will show the licensecode, enter the Usercode and Licensecode in the startup screen of your software and confirm

The video at the top of the page shows the webshop procedure, but also the automatic and the manual activation.

A license that is activated, is 'connected' to that computer and the combination can be used for a long time. As described earlier, updates are free as long as the first digit of the version remains the same (4.0, 4.1, 4.2 etc.). There is a chance that the lifespan of the software, will exceed the lifespan of the hardware. When that happens, it is possible to continue using the software on a new computer. Important: this is only possible for all one-time licenses, this does not apply to subscriptions.

For a possible 'transfer', the procedure is that the license should be deactivated on the old computer first, only then can it be activated on the new computer. The process of deactivation is similar to the process of activation. However, a transfer can only take place online if you have access to both computers (deactivation requires access to the old computer). If that is not possible, send an email to sales@natrisoft.nl, explaining why you do not have access to your old computer and include the old codes in that email. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

This webshop is made for and tested with Chrome and Edge browsers, but it should work fine on other browsers. The webshop uses javascript, so if javascript is disabled in your browser it will be very difficult or impossible to go through the process.

The webshop does not use cookies, which means that an order can be lost if the process is interrupted prematurely (before approval has been given for the order). If an order is lost before a payment has been made, that is not a problem. You can start again from the top. If you use an account, you will have the option to remove your waiting order, through the page showing waiting/incomplete orders (click on the box icon).

If you have a question that is not answered after reading this page, feel free to send an email to sales@natrisoft.nl.

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